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ElProm Company's priority is cooperation with reliable Suppliers of high quality raw materials for production of cable-conductor products.

Supplied raw materials must fully comply with the regulatory requirements and have no deviations that deteriorate their properties in all modes provided by the regulatory documentation.  

ElProm" is a current member of the "Fair Position" Association. It guarantees deliveries to customers only of cable and wire products that meet all regulatory requirements.

"ElProm" purchases the following main types of materials for the production of cable and wire products:

- Copper rod, electrical grade;
- Aluminum rod, electrical grade;
- PVC cable compounds;
- Low-flame PVC cable compounds;
- Halogen-free polymer cable compositions;
- Cable thermoplastic elastomers;
- Steel tapes for the production of armored cables;
- Mica tapes for the production of FR LS cables;
- PET packaging films;
- Special types of talc for cable products;
- Special types of colorants for cable compounds, polymer compositions, and LDPE;
- Other types of materials and consumables.